Wildcats and factory calibers available for your barrel work.Rechambering your Rifle

When changing to a substantially larger cartridge it may be possible to simply rechamber your barrel.  In most cases the best approach is to set the barrel back one thread before rechambering.  This insures a clean and true chamber, for best function and accuracy.  We offer a wide variety of calibers and can chamber for nearly any cartridge you can name.  specializing in custom wildcat work requires experience. we are Experts at all aspects of barrel work.

Common Questions:

Q: Will you have to set my barrel back for an Ackley Improved?

A: Ackley Improved cases are a perfect example of a cartridge which requires a set back.  P.O. Ackley himself recommended this as the correct method of rechambering to his cartridges.  

Q: How much will it shorten my barrel?

A: In 90% of the cases we are talking about approximately 1/16th of an inch.  It's so little that most shooters can't tell any difference.  Gaps around the barrel are a concern for most all clients, moving the barrel back a 1/16th of an inch will not create a noticeable gap.

Q: I want to rechamber from a  25-06 to a 257 Weatherby, do I need a set back too?

A: No, not really.  However there is another consideration, when you go to a magnum cartridge the bolt face and extractor will have to be changed or modified for the magnum diameter.  Also magazine boxes must be considered.

Q: Have you ever chambered for a _____? (you fill in the blank)

A: A client overheard me respond to this question once and when the questioner left I thought he was going have a stroke he was laughing so hard.  This particular client was an experienced shooter and  understood the mechanics of chambering a rifle.  You see that question is equal to going into a tire shop for new tires and asking the mechanic, "Have you ever put a tire on a car like mine?"  After more than 20 years of chambering rifles, we can handle any caliber, and likely already have.  Just don't ask us for tires, that's a little outside our specialty.

Q: What can I expect in the way of accuracy?

A: If your barrel showed any accuracy or promise of accuracy in the original chambering it will be at least as accurate in the new caliber, assuming the barrel is still in good condition.  Sometimes it is more accurate because we take the time to align the barrel properly in the lathe before chambering which will correct misaligned chambering in nearly every case.   We also recommend an action tune (blue printing) of action, this includes lapping the lugs, facing the receiver, and truing the bolt face as needed.  An action tune will improve accuracy on nearly any bolt action rifle.



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E-mail us about your rechamber job or other custom work, we will be glad to help.  Rifle.Builder@z-hat.com

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