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arrow.gif (834 bytes)  Rifle Barrel Work

Basic Rifle Barrel Job

Thread and fit to customers action, Douglas XX Premium, finish turned Chromoly (blue) barrel blank, chambered, head spaced, cut to length, crowned, polished, and blued (where applicable).


What action we will be barreling  
Client Supplies ActionZ-Hat Supplies Action

Cartridge to be used:

Below click to add items to the basic barrel job...

Qty Item



Douglas XX Stainless,  fitted as above, less blueing Add  $50

Douglas Barrel Contours Info

Douglas 17 Caliber  Add $50
Douglas Air Gaged Match (available on 223 thru 308) Add $99
Feather Weight Contour 22 to 24 inches max length. Add $40 
McGowen Barrel Add $50
Octagon Barrel Octagon or half octagon barrel 
(not all brands)
Add $235
Rebore Your Barrel If you want to retain your original barrel this is the way. $455

Barrel Work, Additional

Recrown Customers barrel, or cut and crown. $95.00
Turn Turn Clients barrel for custom contour. $135.00
Cyro Barreled Action Cryogenic treatment of barreled action or barrel alone $129.95
Fluting Straight Flute Barrel $185.00
Lap Barrel Hand lap bore for uniformity. $130.00
Rechamber Open to bigger chamber, no other work required $100.00 to $150.00

Rechamber info

Set Back and Rechamber Required for most "improved" chamberings (suggest an action tune for accuracy) $189.00

arrow.gif (834 bytes) Action Work

Action Tune (Blue Print Action) Lap lugs, face receiver, square bolt face, as required. $229.00

Accuracy info

Face Receiver (included in action tune) Square front of receiver only. $85.00
Lap Lugs (included in action tune) Lap bolt lugs for 80 plus % contact. $85.00
True Bolt Face (included in action tune) + or -   .0005" across the face. $80.00
Feeding Modify feeding for new cartridge. (cost per hour most guns take 1 to2 hours) $85.00
Open Bolt Face Modify bolt face to handle larger base diameter. $125.00
Weld on Bolt Weld on bolt handle, handle included. $149.00
Flute Bolt, Snake Snake Pattern $120.00
Flute Bolt, Diamond Diamond Pattern $120.00
Flute Bolt Flutes have angled sides, Flat Bottom $140.00
Safety Mark II low scope safety. $28.95
Safety 2 Bueler Style. $38.95
Install Safety Install and fit low scope safety. $80.00
Gentry 3 Position Safety Gas shield and safety (others available) Available for Mauser 98 custom models may be available.
Remington 700

Install 3 Position Gentry, or similar Fit and install gas shield and safety. $175.00
Install Sako style extractor on Rem. 700 bolt Machine bolt & install Sako style extractor.  Extractor Kit included $165.95
Jewel Bolt Engine turn or jewel bolt. $145.00
Guide Remove clip guide, rear bridge of 98 action. $95.00
Trigger Job Remove creep and set trigger pull weight, or install and adjust aftermarket trigger
(labor only)
"Jewell" Trigger (limited models) Installed and including basic trigger  $325.00

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|Synthetic Stocks | Recoil Reduction

Qty Item



Dovetail Mill dovetail for sight or forearm hanger on levergun. $110.00
Drill and Tap per hole charge $45.00
Install Quarter Rib Fit to barrel contour & Solder, machining for express sights, or Talley scope mount included $895.00
Express 2 2 folding leaf, London Guns Ltd. installed $210.00

Express Sight info

Express 1 1 folding leaf, London Guns Ltd. $192.00
Express Standing Fixed, London Guns Ltd. (single leaf) $64.95
Solder Sight Base for express sights $70.00
File Express File express sights per leaf (including standing leaf), plus ammunition $60.00
Ajustable Express installed Windage and Elevation adjustment $184.00
XS Peep XS brand peep sight, common models $90.00
XS Long Stem Aperature Allows for shorter front sight $18.95
Banded Ramp installed Banded Ramp front, less inserts or hood $155.00
Solder Sight Base for banded ramp $65.00

arrow.gif (834 bytes)  Banded Ramp Sight Inserts:

Select all the styles of sight inserts you want provided with your banded ramp front sight and select a hood if you want one.

Universal Adjustable Ramp Screw on sight ramp, built in .030" adjustment $44.50

arrow.gif (834 bytes)  Adjustable Ramp Inserts  Select the insert and/or hood you desire.

Williams Streamlined ramp Screw on front ramp  $24.95
XS Insert Patridge or Sourdough style insert with a white line up the center. $38.85
 Williams Fire Sight Fiber optic front sight insert $18.95

| Action Work | Barrel Job | Bluing |Synthetic StocksRecoil Reduction

TNT Talley QD Rings and Bases 1" $145.95
Talley Fixed Rings without the QD Lever $79.95
Leupold or Redfield One piece base $30.00
Leupold or Redfield 1" Rings $38.95
  Leupold or Redfield 30mm Rings $79.95
Burris 1" Pos-Align $59.95
Burris 30mm Pos-Align $79.95
Talley lightweight mounts bases and rings are combiined (available for most commercial actions) $47.95

 Other Mounts & Rings?

Color Case Hardening Price upon request P.O.R.
Blue Action add on bluing w/barrel job $139.00
Custom Matte Bluing Custom Matte, more durable, entire gun $199.00


Teflon coat metal parts.



Basic one color


Double Guard Parkerize & Teflon/Moly Coat $365.00
Factory Blue (400) Nice Gloss Finish $210.00
Master Blue (555) High Gloss $299.00
Slow Rust Blue Custom blue finish that is extremely durable, all hand work. $600.00

Stock Modifications:

Open Barrel Channel Of Stock for new barrel contour $99.00
Glass Bed Bedding of the action with the barrel free floated $189.00
Pillar Bed Install Pillars and bed the action, barrel free floated  $248.00
Install synthetic stock with aluminum bedding block Tune aluminum bedding block in H-S Precision or other. $99.00
Install Crossbolt 1 Talley magnum crossbolt installed 
in wood stock.
Install Recoil Pad Grind to fit and install recoil and pad. (+ pad) $80.00
Install Sling Swivel Studs Standard Uncle Mike Style, includes parts $55.00
Talley Oval Swivels Inlet into your stock, and finished $159.00

arrow.gif (834 bytes)  Synthetic Stocks, limited to actions offered by the makers.

H-S Precision (limited models)

Stock with Aluminum bedding block.
Includes tuning bedding block for your action


Length of Stock:

  (13.5" standard)

Available Colors:

(black w/gray is standard)

Install synthetic stock with aluminum bedding block Tune aluminum bedding block for best accuracy, in H-S Precision or other. $99.00
Bell & Carlson Carbelite´┐Ż Stock Black finish, 13.5" length of pull $214.95
Available Models Bell & Carlson, select your model.

Bell & Carlson Medalist Stocks



| Sight Installation | Banded Ramp Inserts | Adjustable Ramp InsertsBarrel Work |

arrow.gif (834 bytes)  Recoil Reduction

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Mercury Reducer

installed inside butt stock


Install Brake

Thread & match for "Gunners Choice" brake, blue.


Install Brake

"Gunners Choice" brake, Stainless


Muzzle Brake

KDF installed



Porting of the Barrel



Pachmayer, Recoil Pad Installed



Kick-Eez Recoil Pad Installed


Limb Saver

Limb Saver Recoil Pad Installed


| Action Work | Barrel Job | Sight Installation | Banded Ramp Inserts | Adjustable Ramp Inserts
Bluing |Synthetic Stocks

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