The 300 Ultra Mag is just the beginning.

UltraCat ! Magnums

by Z-Hat Custom


UltraCats! Were the first complete line of wildcat cartridges based on the Remington 300 Ultra. These wildcats are designed to take advantage of this high capacity case. If you desire a long range caliber here are several cartridges for hunters and shooters alike.


We offer reloading dies and rifles in these cutting edge calibers. We began offering these calibers as soon as the 300 Remington Ultra was released.  Originally we offered the 7mm and the 375 as well but as soon as the factory made them available we removed them from the list.   For some load data on the 416 UltraCat Click Here.

With a wide range of calibers to choose from any shooter will be satisfied. Whether your interested in punching paper at 1000 yards or hunting in wide open country you will find an answer to your needs in these cartridges. Each caliber will offer flat trajectory and long range accuracy.

We now have dies for several of these calibers on the shelf.  So there is little or no wait to get dies.

Calibers include:

30-06 and 300 Ultra Mag.6.5 MM UltraCat (6.5/338 Ultra)
338 UltraCat, 91 gr. IMR 7828, Sierra 250 gr. SPBT bullet Loaded OAL is 2.590. Average velocity ( 5 shots) is 2968 fps measured 15 ft. from the muzzle.

270 UltraCat (270/338 Ultra)

8MM UltraCat (8MM/300 Ultra)

338 UltraCat (338/300 Ultra)  Alias= 338 Edge

358 UltraCat (358/300 Ultra) or the name that seems to be sticking now, 358 Edge.

416 UltraCat (416/300 Ultra)

458 UltraCat (458/300 Ultra)

Finally a high capacity case that's made in America, Without a belt, and it's affordable. E-mail us for more information.  

Why do we call them UltraCats?

Because 338/300 is descriptive, but boring.  Why do your call a sandwich a BLT in stead of a Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato?  Because it has a catchy sound and it's more fun.  
Life is too short to be boring.  So, they are UltraCats, unless you prefer Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato?

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