Z-Hat Custom, Stock Duplicator

We have a Master Carver 10-2, two spindle stock duplicator.  We accept both individual and batch orders.  This pantograph is capable of making two stocks at the same time, but can be used for single copies as well.

There are patterns on hand for most popular bolt actions, and a huge selection of two piece stocks as well.  It is also possible to use the take-off stock from your gun as a pattern, or it can be modified to deliver the shape your looking for.  Of course setting up your original as a pattern is hard on the stock, we only do this is your willing to sacrifice the stock. 

Broken stocks can be glued together to make a pattern.  This is often necessary if you had an unusual or rare stock that cannot be purchased from a wood supplier.

We have been making and modifying our own patterns for years, this saves a lot of time.  Patterns can be quickly modified to provide the client with the details and or shape they need.

Contact us with your questions about these services.  No two jobs for this machine are really the same so we need to discuss the project with you to determine what will be involved in your job. Click Here to Email us.


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