Magnum ballistics, with less recoil and better accuracy. HAWK!  



Everything you want to know about our HAWK Wildcats!

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"My experience with the .375 Hawk/Scovill has shown it to be efficient, powerful, flat shooting, 
and an ideal cartridge for all Alaskan game."     
Phil Shoemaker, The Legacy of Lever Guns, Winter 2000

Hawk Headstamped brass now available!!!

Archive of Magazine Articles

Hawk Cartridges

History & Development

Hawk Ballistics

Cylinder Brass

Brass Forming Instructions

Preformed Brass

Hawk Ammunition

338 Hawk

358 Hawk

375 Hawk 411 Hawk

Belt Buckle

300 WSM Vs. 300 Hawk Vs. 300 SAUM Z-Hat & Wolfe Winchester 95
Hawk FAQ's    Baseball Hat

Hawk Reloading

         Hawk Efficiency,
a closer look.

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"I have been impressed with the 240 Hawk, which delivers super accuracy... If you want top performance, the 240 Hawk is quite a toy."  
Wayne van Zwoll, Rifle Shooter, May/June, 2002 

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Hawk Cartridge and Z-Hat were mentioned in all these publications and more.

Two Articles, 240 Hawk and 411 Hawk! July 2004, Z-Hat Rifles featured. May 2004, Meet the Gunsmith, Fred Zeglin RScvr0502.jpg (470655 bytes) 411 Hawk with lead bullets.  Feb. 2004

  Hawk Cartridges were most recently mentioned in the above publications, among others.

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