Hawk Cartridges, Tables below contain test data for Hawk cartridges. Ballistics

"Innovative Wildcats"  Clair Rees, Handloader, Feb. 2004

Below are some representative loads for each Hawk caliber.  Those loads which are actually chronographed are marked with an *.   The 338, 358, and 411 Hawk were all included in articles by Wayne van Zwoll. The 375 Hawk was originally written up by Dave Scovill in issue #166 of Handloader.

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*240 Hawk     

"Sure the 240 Hawk is inefficient.  So is an F-16.  
Sometimes performance  matters most."
Wayne van Zwoll, 2003 Deer & Big Game Rifles3738 FPS @100 yards, measures 0.318"

BulletVelocity 243 Wincheser Vs. 240 Hawk
*60gr. 3922 fps
*75gr.  3990 fps   1/2"avg.
*80gr.  4037 fps   1/2"avg.
*85gr.  4040 fps
*100gr. 3867 fps

"I've never shot a more accurate 6mm rifle."

Wayne van Zwoll, Rifle Shooter Magazine December, 2000 

257 Hawk


*75gr. 3890 fps
100gr. 3450 fps
*115gr. 3238 fps

75gr. 257 Hawk load above was tested in a Ruger #1,   26" barrel, 15 shots averaged, probably a little too hot for a bolt action.
*264 Hawk  Click here to read about a custom 264 Hawk Rifle.

*85gr. Sierra H4895 3540 fps
*100gr. Nosler  N160 3440 fps
*120gr. Nosler    IMR4831  3330 fps
*140gr. Hornady H4831 2810 fps
*140gr. Hornady H4831SC 2925 fps
*140gr. Hornady IMR4350 2990 fps
*140gr. Hornady IMR 4350 3090 fps

270 Wincheser, left and 270 Hawk, right.

270 Hawk                                                                                           

110gr. 3400 fps
130gr. 3200 fps
150gr. 3050 fps

284 Hawk

140gr. 3120 fps
160gr. 2985fps
175gr. 2850 fps

*300 Hawk, 

Can you count 5 shots?

Compare to 300 Winchester

Data in the chart below was collected from
 a Factory Remington 700 22" barrel, rechambered to 300 Hawk.
*150gr.  Speer Varget 3095 fps (22" barrel)
*150gr.  Speer H380 3198 fps
*150gr.  Speer IMR 4895 3220 fps
*168gr. Sierra SP BT Reloader 19 3012 fps
*168gr. Sierra SP BT IMR4320 2938 fps
*168gr. Sierra SP BT H380 3032 fps
*168gr. Sierra SP BT IMR 4350 3108 fps
*168gr. Sierra SP BT H4831SC 2676 fps
*168gr. Sierra SP BT IMR 4895 3092 fps
*180gr.    IMR 4350 2938 fps
*200gr. IMR 4350 2801 fps
220gr.   2650 fps

3200 Hawk (8mm)3200 Hawk, 150 gr. 8mm bullet at 3200 FPS.

     H4895 150gr. 3183 fps
     H4895 150gr. 3233 fps
  175gr. 3030 fps
     H4350 200gr. 2840 fps
    H4895 220gr. 2703 fps 
    H4350 220gr. 2707 fps 

338 Hawk click here for complete test data.

358 Hawk click here for complete test data.*

375 Hawk click here for Handloader test data.*

411 Hawk click here for complete data.*

"411 Hawk... Devastating authority on moose and brown bear. "

             Dave Scovill, Editor in Chief "The Legacy of Lever Guns" Winter 2000

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