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We offer rifle barrel blanks from several makers.   Our goal is to offer you the best in quality and accuracy for your custom rifle barrel.  Any make rifle barrel you desire is available; Green Mountain, Lilja, Lothar Walther, Douglas, McGowen, Olympic Arms, H-S Precision, and we have added carbon wrapped barrels from Christensen Arms,  or... you name it.   Just want a quote for your New Barrel, Click here!

Install premium quality chromoly steel Rifle Barrel blank on your action. Includes inspection of action for condition and locking lug engagement, threading, chambering, head space to the caliber of your choice (check reamer list for availability), polished, crowned, in effect the whole nine yards. Rifle barrels should be threaded between centers for accuracy.

Note: Rifle barrels can be ordered in various lengths, contours, and twist rates, not to mention calibers. Octagon, half round half octagon and fluted barrels are available also. Rifle barrels are also available in cut rifled or button rifled as well. Prices vary depending upon manufacture and configuration chosen, generally up to 28" in length will not affect the price.  Over 28" is usually about $10 per inch.

bulletGet a quote for the work you want done.
bulletBlue Printing, (Trueing action and/or bolt face.) For best accuracy this is a must. We lap the lugs, face the bolt and the receiver to insure they are square and true.   
If you going to have a new barrel put on your rifle, this accuracy work is a must.
bulletRechamber... this would apply to chamberings that do not require a set back, $129 for details, Click Here.
bulletFluting custom barrels makes them lighter, aids in cooling, and makes the barrel stiffer.  This is additional to the barrel job.
bulletCarbon wrapped rifle barrels from Christensen Arms, special for Z-Hat.  Light weight and accurate option for your custom rifle.
bulletCryo Accurizing.
bulletModify to improved chamber (check reamer list for availability) includes set back of barrel to insure proper chamber, and alignment.  
This is also a great time to do an Action Tune for accuracy.
bulletBlock Letter Engraving on barrels we chamber.Caliber Markings, we are often asked how we mark barrels for the new caliber, many gunsmiths use hand stamps.  We use a pantograph engraving machine to insure clean, crisp, and straight markings.
bulletWhat twist rate do I need in my new barrel?  Click on this link and use our  free 'rifle twist rate calculator.'
bulletMuzzle Brakes installed on your gun, Gunners Choice brand, nearly all other models available upon request.
$199.00 Chromoly (blue) installed
$205.00 Stainless steel installed plus H.I.S.Gunner's Choice Muzzle Brake
bulletBarrel Lapping is available for new rifle barrel blanks upon request. $125  Lapping the bore can offer more uniformity, velocity, and accuracy. This process removes the small burrs and marks left in the bore from the machine process. It also polishes the bore, which reduces fouling. A side benefit is that, there is little or no break in for a lapped bore. Which saves lots of time a money at the range.   Montana Rifleman barrels are come lapped from the factory, saving you this cost, so are McGowen barrels.
bulletDouglas Barrel Contours, nearly every client asks about contours and weight, the chart on this link will answer the majority of your questions.  We will be glad to answer any questions you still have.  Montana Rifle Barrel Contours
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We do not work on semi-auto rifles, suggest you contact Miller Precision Arms or Krebs Custom Guns for this type of work. Tell them we sent you.

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