9.3x66 Sako

9.3x66 Sako is not yet being imported to the U.S. by Sako.Z-Hat is custom chambering for the 370 Sako (9.3x66 Sako).  We made a point of collecting the CIP drawings for this cartridge, so our chamber will work with the factory ammo.9.3x66 Sako will work in a standard length action with an 06 bolt face.


We are building custom rifles in 9.3x66 Sako, why not get a quote for the rifle your dreaming of?

Custom Headstamped brass is available for the 9.3x66 Sako from Z-Hat Custom.  This brass is custom manufactured for us here in the U.S. 
In 2008 Sako introduced the 370 Sako Magnum, it is the American version of the 9.3x66, no difference except for the name.  So if you prefer the original we can still help with 9.3x66 brass.

  We can also provide RCBS dies in this caliber.



View Cartridge Drawing, Click Here.


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